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Ligafiba Isotoggle Anterior Cruciate Surgery: STEP-BY-STEP Pictorial

This anterior cruciate ligament rupture surgery / repair is an advanced procedure and the Findon Vet Surgery is one of only a few vet clinics performing this procedure in Adelaide.

These are actual photographs of a Ligafiba Isotoggle Anterior Cruciate Surgical Repair performed at the Findon Vet Surgery, Adelaide, by Dr Ian Hogben in 2014. The patient is lying on its right side with its upper body and head towards you. The photos are of the right hind leg, and the surgery is right over the right stifle (knee) joint. At left you may see some sterile yellow wrap over the patient's right ankle and foot.

For schematic details to better understand what is done during this procedure, <<CLICK HERE>>

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The joint has now been sutured closed after the torn ACL has been removed and the cartilage pads (meniscus), that cushion the knee dring activity, have been inspected and damaged areas trimmed away). 

The bone tunnels are now drilled and are placed at the "isometric" points for the best results. A drill guide is fixed in place to ensure accurate placement.

The tibial bone tunnel is drilled just behind the indicated tendon (of the long digital extensor muscle).


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