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Anterior cruciate repair surgery


LATEST RESEARCH COMPARING DOG CRUCIATE SURGERY TECHNIQUES AND OUTCOMES SHOWS ISOMETRIC ACL SURGERY ("Tight-Rope" Procedure) IS BEST, giving the best long term results with less dogs subsequently injuring their knee cartilage (meniscal tears) afterwards. <<Read Article Abstract>> This technique is performed at the Seaton Vet Centre and is ideal for large breed dog cruciate repairs, giant breed dog cruciate surgery - and especially so if they are active or over weight. It is also ideal for small and medium dog ACL repair, being far superior to the De Angelis lateral suture technique.

At Findon and Seaton Vets we are serious about obtaining the very best outcome for pets undergoing anterior cruciate ligament surgery. Our cruciate repair procedures are advanced, and give the best surgical results, with rapid return to function (use of the leg that had surgery). However, this is not enough. Rehabilitation is always recommended and takes the form of passive exercise and massage, introduction of controlled exercise in a controlled environment, and management of weight bearing.

Our New Seaton Vet Centre has Western Adelaide's most advanced rehabilitation facilities for pets - in fact the ONLY rehab for pets in Adelaide's western suburbs. We ALSO include rehab for three months at no charge for our patients, to help ensure your pet's best possible post-surgical outcome!

Pets having CRUCIATE, PATELLA or ORTHOPAEDIC surgeries at either Findon Vet or Seaton Vet receive TWO MONTHS FREE use of our treadmill and Accell therapy.

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The surgical repair of anterior cruciate ligament rupture is the most common orthopaedic surgery performed by veterinarians - and in Adelaide is no different. It is a common injury, and cruciate surgery is required to stabilse the knee (stifle) joint so that a return to the best function of the leg possible is achieved, which then also minimises severe degenerative arthritis.

Many dogs, because they must transfer all of their weight initially to their good leg, will damage or even fully rupture their other cruciate ligament (15% will do this within 3 months of the original injury)! This risk slowly reduces as more and more weight and confidence in the leg where the original cruciate rupture occured. Surgery minimises this risk by improving the eventual weight bearing on the leg with the ruptured cruciate.

There are several different techniques available in Adelaide, and we advise the most recent techniques which provide excellent, and definitely improved, knee stability, and function, compared to the older techniques. The new cruciate rupture surgeries provide superior stabilization, and much earlier, and thus help minimise the risk of damage to the opposite cruciate by sharing more of the body weight sooner!

Regardless of which procedure is performed, some arthrtis will continue to develop and we advise all dogs that have fully or partly torn their cruciate ligament have a course of Zydax injections, and that this is repeated every six months.

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