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We have a very SPECIAL OFFER for ALL pet dog and cat owners until the end of July 2017 ... FOUR FREE SESSIONS on our ACCELL Therapy Mat !!!

*** NOT for racing Greyhounds, whether in training or after race treatment. This is ONLY PET GREYHOUNDS.


The Accell Therapy Mat has several vibrating motors that deliver a deep penetrating massage that can be set on a gentle relaxing cycle, a therapeutic massage cycle or a pulsing surge for muscle or tendon therapy. The motors vibrate eccentrically and are set at 90 degrees to generate to-and-fro, and side-to-side vibrations plus a circular vibration that is described as 3 dimensional or cycloidal vibration.

<<For DETAILED information on ACCELL Therapy click on this LINK>>

Studies demonstrate body wide stimulation of blood and lymph circulation, as well as a loosening effect on stiff and/or painful joints. Thermal imaging shows the effects last for 6 to 8 hours but pet owners say that their pet appears to improve in activity, mobility and even alertness for up to three days.


YES! The company, NIAGARA, has been making cycloidal massage equipment for humans since 1949, providing therapeutic beds and chairs for people and branched into manufacturing ACCELL Therapy Mats for pets several years ago after the success of manufacturing EQUISSAGE equipment for horses for many years.

There are MANY studies and journal articles on the proven benefits of NIAGARA, and hence, ACCELL Therapy cycloidal masage including: Stimulation of skin wound and ulcer healing, Stimulation of lower leg and peripheral blood and lymph circulation, beneficial effects on pulmonary (lung) function and breathing in emphysema patients, on biomechanical function, 


Our NEW Seaton Vet Centre is OPEN !!!

Located next to the LINKS Hotel and B.W.S. at 342 Tapleys Hill Road.

Phone  8155 5200 

GREAT new services for all pet owners in Adelaide's Western Suburbs.

  • Huge, Spacious Dog waiting and reception and 3 consulting rooms
  • Separate Cat entrance, cat waiting and reception room, 2 Cat ONLY consult rooms
  • Separate and sound proofed cat ward and dog ward
  • Separate isolation ward and rear entrance for infectious patients 
  • Cat boarding suites, insulated, sound proofed and each suite has individual ventilation
  • Dedicated room for Accell Therapy pet arthritis and mobility treatments
  • Dedicated Rehabilitation room for dog cruciate, kneecap and orthopaedic surgery Post Op care
  • Dedicated Puppy Centre wth facilities to care for even the most timid puppy, or boistrous! Puppy preschool and puppy socials with multimedia screen for seminars and presentations. Enclosed patio for outside gatherings and servery for special occasions!
  • Sterile theatre, Facilities for Intra-Operation radiography for cruciate, patella and orthopaedics to minimise risk of contamination
  • State-of-the-art Dental facilities, including dental radiography
  • State-of-the-art Ultrasonography
  • And, above all, the same wonderful staff, pet care, client and patient benefits and value-added services you all love at our Findon Vet Surgery!!!

The Findon Veterinary Surgery and Seaton Veterinary Centre in Adelaide, South Australia, combine advanced, quality veterinary services with great rewards and bonuses on everyday pet expenses that ease the daily cost of providing for your pet. Our cheerful and experienced team at the Findon Vet Surgery and Seaton Vet Centre has been providing excellent veterinary care since we opened in 1991, and we continue to be inspired daily as we meet new pet owners who are looking for the 'right vet for them'.

Our animal hospitals are welcoming: clean, bright and spacious, making your visits as stress-free as possible. We have vets who also have special interests in cats, and well as rabbits, birds and other exotics, so that even the most timid and unusual pets are looked after.

Please have your dog on a lead, and your cat in a cage to prevent any unwanted interactions or escapades! If you forget, please ask our reception staff to lend you a dog lead or cage as necessary.

Our Latest Interesting Articles


Sept 11, 2015.  RCD, Haemorrhagic Rabbit Calicivirus Disease appears to have caused the sudden death of a well looked after pet rabbit in the Findon region of Adelaide TODAY. This rabbit was in excellent health and recently vaccinated (8 days ago), and found dead with haemorrhage from its nostrils, AND IS THE FIRST KNOWN INFECTION OF THE CURRENT RCD ADELAIDE OUTBREAK TO OCCUR IN THE WESTERN SUBURBS.

*** The FINDON VET SURGERY has taken immediate action to encourage a strongly advised BOOSTER RCD vaccination for all rabbits ALREADY vaccinated, and is providing this additional vaccination at a heavily reduced cost of $25:00 ***            << Read More >>


With Adelaide's summer now upon us, dogs can rapidly and sometimes unexpectedly suffer heat stress. This is a story about a 17 year old canine camper, Max, who suffred heat stroke on 24/11/2014 at Cactus Beach whilst I was there recently on a surfing trip.

<<


Mollie, our pet behaviourist, leads our puppy preschool programme and provides extensive dog and cat behaviour advice. Mollie has trained her cat Delilah to do some simple tricks we commonly get our dogs to do. Molly advises that training a cat is easy and you simply do it the same way as you would with a dog!

If you have children, getting them to train your cat is great fun - stimulating for both the family cat and the kids!


When Simba, a cream labrador, underwent an emergency laparotomy - I removed a very unusual object (as well as a section of his damaged intestine!). Simba has made a full recovery and I have included a full pictorial (inculding photos of the offending object that blocked his intestine). We couldn't identify what it was, BUT Simba's mum knew immediately!!!! Simba had swallowed a large piece of a KONG.

WARNING: I have included graphic photos of Simba's operation. Read more >>>

Black Hawk Holistic dog & cat food is NOW AVAILABLE at the Findon Vet Surgery !

With a broad range of ingredients including: Rye, Flaxseed Meal, Fish Meal, Emu Oil, Dried Carrots, Dried Kelp, Choline Chloride, Chicory, Yucca Schidigera Extract, Glucosamin, Chondroitin, Dried Blueberries, Dandelion, Peppermint, Rosemary, Tomato Mealand much more.

<<CLICK HERE>> for Black Hawk Dog Food.      <<CLICK HERE>> for Black Hawk Cat Food

ACTIVYL : The latest flea treatment and flea preventative for dogs and cats. <<CLICK HERE>> for details

Completely inactive on your pet, and ONLY activated inside the flea where an enzyme converts it to a toxic pesticide! Safest, no resistance problems and remains 100% effective for the full month. This is an excellent product.

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